Multi-channel marketing strategies for your service business

  Having a robust marketing plan is the best way to find success with your efforts as a whole, and that means utilizing a wide array of marketing channels for your home service business.   If you’re able to use several types of marketing for your business, each channel can really feed and succeed off … Continued

How to drive leads through Facebook Messenger

  At the end of April, Facebook announced two new features on Facebook Messenger to help businesses reach customers in new ways.   First, they’ve rolled out new lead-generation templates that create an automated question and answer system. This allows businesses to get more information from potential customers about what type of services they are … Continued

Is Google going to start charging for business listings?

  In case you missed our recent Facebook live video, we went over the recent speculation that Google may start charging for its Google My Business listings.   Google recently sent out surveys to select local businesses, posing questions regarding pricing option preferences and gauging interest level on future features. What this means for you … Continued

Tips to stay staffed for busy season

  Recruiting for your service business during the busy season doesn’t have to be a four letter word. Here’s a few tips that can help keep you in front of the perfect candidates during busy season:   Make sure your Careers page is updated with all your open positions along with a detailed job description for each job Create an ‘About … Continued

How to track your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

  Are you tracking your CAC, or customer acquisition cost? This is a metric that can make a huge difference in how you allocate your resources and time, so it’s important to have a pulse on what this means for your home service company.   When you are determining your CAC, consider both your marketing … Continued

Keep your info up to date with structured data

What is structured data? Structured data is a way to highlight key items about your business for search engines. This is typically done by using a type of code in areas of your website called Schema markup. Updating structured data frequently ensures the information search engines pull from your website is accurate.   If we manage your SEO, we are working to ensure … Continued

How to leverage your business with Google Posts

  Google Posts are a feature currently available within your Google My Business profile that allows you to create “posts” that show up directly in the knowledge panel for your business in search results. Here’s an example of what it looks like:     Google Posts are temporary and are only live on your Google … Continued

New Facebook Ads Manager interface to improve user experience

  Facebook has rolled out a new, upgraded Ads Manager interface to improve user experience. This new upgrade includes a copy and paste feature to speed up the time it takes to build ads – meaning higher productivity for managing ad campaigns!   What you need to know Facebook is temporarily allowing users to switch back … Continued

Google has mistakenly removed legitimate reviews

  In an attempt to remove false reviews, Google has mistakenly removed legitimate reviews from verified profiles. Google’s full statement reads:   “In our ongoing efforts to remove fake reviews from Maps, we’ve experienced an increase in reviews being removed from businesses. We are inspecting our tools and systems to ensure that any legitimate reviews … Continued

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