Faster Than a Speeding…Website

  53% of users bounce from a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load! Keeping with the theme of our last few blogs about conversion, which you can find here, in last Friday’s edition of Flip Chart Friday, we talked about why website load speed is important.  In order to have a … Continued

SEO and PPC – The Sweet Spot

  In the digital marketing world, SEO and PPC are often talked about separately. Businesses owners will often ask whether they should focus on PPC or SEO for their business. The answer isn’t always cut and dry! However, ideally, using SEO and PPC together in the “sweet spot” will produce the best results for your company. … Continued

Website Traffic is Worthless

More specifically, traffic to your website is worthless without conversion.  No matter how many visitors you have to your site, they aren’t worth much if they don’t call you, ask for information or otherwise engage with you.   Here are 6 things you can do to get more conversions: 1. Decide the top 3 objectives … Continued

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