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How to track your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

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Are you tracking your CAC, or customer acquisition cost? This is a metric that can make a huge difference in how you allocate your resources and time, so it’s important to have a pulse on what this means for your home service company.


When you are determining your CAC, consider both your marketing and sales costs that are required in order to earn a new customer, and actually make a sale. Of course, the lower the cost that it takes for you to gain business, the better!


There are many factors that can affect this metric for your business, including the effectiveness of your marketing, sales team, and internal processes. The simple way to calculate this is to divide your total cost of sales and marketing by the number of new customers acquired over a period of time.


At Wit Digital, we aim to provide complete, correct reporting so you have all the best information about how your campaigns are performing. Our team of experts are always working to get our clients as many quality leads as possible – so they dominate their service areas.


Reach out to us if you’re ready to partner up and dominate your service area, or if you have questions about CAC


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