What To Expect When You Are Expecting A Website

Expecting a website is an exciting event, even more exciting than expecting a new baby! Okay, maybe not quite. However, pregnancy is broken down into 3 phases (trimesters) as is website development. By understanding what happens in each of the 3 stages, you can enjoy the process and understand what necessary in each in order … Continued

Branding in PPC Campaigns- Why it’s Important!

This Wit Wednesday, we explained why you need to be including branding in your PPC campaigns (Pay Per Click). One of our very own PPC managers, Megan, went over the 3 major reasons why you should be thinking about branding for PPC. Branding and PPC work together because: #1 Establish brand awareness & authority—> 1/3 … Continued

Keeping Your Processes Flexible and Why it Matters

This Wit Wednesday, Kelsey discussed the importance of keeping processes in your business flexible and three tips on how you can apply this approach in your company. Click here to watch full video! Here at Wit, we implement these tips ourselves and have seen incredible improvement in various parts of our agency. Being adaptable, or … Continued

Marketing for growth…and for good

Within a year of starting Wit Digital, we knew we wanted to focus on home service businesses. We had other clients like doctors, lawyers and dentists, but it was the home service guys and gals that we loved working with the most. Our clients came to us because they wanted a partnership, they wanted to … Continued

Facebook to launch “high-quality news” section in Fall 2019

  Facebook (and Zuckeberg) are at it again – slated to add more features to it’s already dynamic platform!    Launching this Fall, Facebook plans to launch a dedicated “high-quality news” section in an effort to deliver “trustworthy news” to it’s users.   Zuckerberg writes, “It’s important to me that we help people get trustworthy … Continued

How to enable Wit Digital Alexa skill (add it to your daily flash briefing)

  Don’t miss your daily home service marketing flash briefing from us! Here’s 2 ways to enable the Wit Digital Skill: Voice “Alexa, enable Wit Digital skill” BOOM! Enjoy awesome daily home service marketing tips!   Alexa App Select ☰ (top, left-hand corner) Select ‘Skills & Games’ Select ‘Your Skills’ Select magnifying glass icon and search … Continued

Multi-channel marketing strategies for your service business

  Having a robust marketing plan is the best way to find success with your efforts as a whole, and that means utilizing a wide array of marketing channels for your home service business.   If you’re able to use several types of marketing for your business, each channel can really feed and succeed off … Continued

How to drive leads through Facebook Messenger

  At the end of April, Facebook announced two new features on Facebook Messenger to help businesses reach customers in new ways.   First, they’ve rolled out new lead-generation templates that create an automated question and answer system. This allows businesses to get more information from potential customers about what type of services they are … Continued

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