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How to drive leads through Facebook Messenger

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At the end of April, Facebook announced two new features on Facebook Messenger to help businesses reach customers in new ways.


First, they’ve rolled out new lead-generation templates that create an automated question and answer system. This allows businesses to get more information from potential customers about what type of services they are looking for, which not only cuts down on the work your CSRs need to do, but also allows you to provide a tailored experience with your customers from the get go.


Facebook has also released a new in-app booking system. This system can integrate with many calendar systems, and allows users to fully book an appointment directly through Messenger. We think this could be a game changer for local service businesses.


If you’re running Facebook ads, here’s what you need to implement to support these updates:

  • Train your CSR’s to respond to Facebook messages just like they do in phone calls.

  • Try to schedule the service directly in Facebook or call them rather than directing the lead to call the office after already engaging with you through Facebook messenger.

  • Answer Facebook messages in a timely manner (15 min or less is recommended).


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