What To Expect When You Are Expecting A Website

Expecting a website is an exciting event, even more exciting than expecting a new baby! Okay, maybe not quite. However, pregnancy is broken down into 3 phases (trimesters) as is website development. By understanding what happens in each of the 3 stages, you can enjoy the process and understand what necessary in each in order … Continued

Google Posts – Another Tool in Your Tool Belt

  Google Posts are relatively new having only recently been released from beta testing. They may be very powerful but until tested further the jury is still out. While we all continue to learn more about the ins and outs, you should understand the basics and play around with using them to test their effectiveness. … Continued

Content That Gets Links to Improve SEO

  Content on your website is great but content that people link to is even more valuable.  Many of us that write content do so because we want to share our knowledge, build our brand and help others.  You can further all these purposes and also improve the online “value” of your content to Google … Continued

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