MAY 2022 BROAD CORE ALGORITHM UPDATE Today, we're releasing a broad core update, as we do several times per year. This update is called the May 2022 core update. Learn more: — Google Search Central (@googlesearchc) May 25, 2022 Google just confirmed today that they launched a Broad Core Algorithm Update, appropriately named the … Continued


[Our November 2021 local search update has concluded. It began on Nov 30 and ran through Dec 8. It involved a rebalancing of various factors we consider in generating local search results. The general guidance for businesses remains the same as covered here:“> — Google Search Central (@googlesearchc)“>December 16, 2021] WHAT HAPPENED: On … Continued

Faster Than a Speeding…Website

  53% of users bounce from a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load! Keeping with the theme of our last few blogs about conversion, which you can find here, in last Friday’s edition of Flip Chart Friday, we talked about why website load speed is important.  In order to have a … Continued

5 Things to Check If Your Site Experiences a Massive Traffic Drop

If a significant chunk of your business comes via your website, waking up to discover a massive traffic drop can feel like your worst nightmare. However, you don’t need to panic. Most traffic drops have an explanation and, once you know why your traffic dropped, then you can fix it. Here are some things to … Continued

What YOU Need to Know About Google’s Latest Feature for Businesses

In August of 2017, Google started letting certain uses, called “local guides,” submit videos to business pages. Local guides are people who do a lot of ratings and reviews. These are the folks who submit photos, answer questions, etc. The videos they were allowed to upload have included reviews or images of the building itself, … Continued

The Benefits of Live Chat on Your Website

In this episode of Home Service Success TV, we talk with Trevor Flannigan, Chief Operating Officer of HomeServiceChats, about the value of chat services on home service websites.     In today’s competitive market, live chat is an effective tool that provides consistent high-quality customer service to current and potential customers. By engaging with website … Continued

Scaling Your Sales and Increasing Your Bottom Line

In this episode of Home Service Success TV, President and Master Sellutionist of HVAC Sellutions, Drew Cameron, discusses giving back to the HVAC industry that’s given him so much. HVAC Sellutions grows people and companies by training its sales team to achieve new levels of success in sales and customer service.     Topics We … Continued

A Red Flag to Look Out For When Choosing an SEO Company

If a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company ever tells you, “We can get you on the first page of Google…” – RUN! There is no way to guarantee rankings. Google is constantly updating its algorithm at a rate of 400 to 500 times per year. So, what works today may not work next week.   … Continued

Why Am I Not Ranking Well in Google Any Longer?

  First, stop trying to game the system. Google is too smart and eventually it will uncover your “games” and you’ll fall in rankings. We often see online comments in SEO forms asking questions like “Why did Google de-index my site?” or “I think I’ve got a site penalty, what did I do wrong?” or … Continued

SEO and PPC – The Sweet Spot

  In the digital marketing world, SEO and PPC are often talked about separately. Businesses owners will often ask whether they should focus on PPC or SEO for their business. The answer isn’t always cut and dry! However, ideally, using SEO and PPC together in the “sweet spot” will produce the best results for your company. … Continued

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