Google Confirms Update to Core Algorithm

Google Confirms Update to Core Algorithm   Google is at it – again! It’s no secret that Google makes hundreds of updates each year to its algorithm, the criteria that they use to rank websites, which is why it’s vitally important to work with a company that understands these updates.   While the vast majority … Continued

Google Ads Rolls Out 3rd Headline

Google has been busy with various changes this year. Most recently, Google is making updates to its Ads, offering advertisers more real estate and wiggle room in ad reach and creation with its ‘Responsive Search Ads.’ These Responsive Search Ads allow a third headline (for a total of three – score!) and 2 additional character … Continued

Remove Single Platform Link on Google My Business Listing

It’s important to regularly review your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Google is always releasing updates to its products, especially its Google My Business platform. In the last year, Google has added new features, such as the ability to upload videos, a Q&A section, services listing, longer business descriptions, etc. Staying on top of these … Continued

Seequs is now Wit Digital!

Seequs is now Wit Digital! Still trying to figure out how to say our company name? Well, fret no more! After years of mispronunciation (being referred to as “Sea Quest,” “Seek Us,” and other variations), we knew it was time to take our brand to the next level. We called in our brand artillery, Anthem … Continued

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