3 Common Homepage Design Mistakes

Your website is an important tool in growing your business! Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your homepage is performing at it’s maximum potential. Mistake # 1: There is No Call to Action Above the Fold We all know people are lazy when it comes to browsing the internet. If they don’t see a specific action to … Continued

5 New Website Build Tips You Should Know

If you’re hiring someone to build your website, here are 5 things you should know about the process to make sure your site turns out awesome in a reasonable time frame. Although there’s a lot that goes into building a website from all sides, I’m going to cover things from the client side that can potentially … Continued

Mobile Algorithm Update on The Way

https://youtu.be/oXy2-x9Hgjg Google has announced on their webmaster blog that in May, they are going to be releasing an update to the mobile-friendly algorithm update that launched on April 21st, 2015, also known as “Mobilegeddon”.  To show that they’re serious about this, they are also giving site owners private messages in the Search Results telling them … Continued

The Magic of Culture: An Insider’s View

“You’re LATE…you’re locked out!” someone yells from the conference room. On a regular Monday morning at Wit Digital, the company meeting is starting. Of course, no one is actually locked out of the meeting, but a friendly jab is all too common around here. Bright eyes (maybe some slightly hungover ones) file into the conference … Continued

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