Data, Dashboards & Reality

You already know that communication is essential for any successful marketing partnership. It’s the foundation for all the trust and collaboration between agency and client.  Sharing ideas and goals, collaborating on strategies, and actually giving a shit about one another is a great way to be! What effective communication looks like to me: Clear & … Continued

Faster Than a Speeding…Website

  53% of users bounce from a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load! Keeping with the theme of our last few blogs about conversion, which you can find here, in last Friday’s edition of Flip Chart Friday, we talked about why website load speed is important.  In order to have a … Continued

Hunting or Farming — PPC or SEO?

Knowing whether your company needs to do PPC or SEO or both is like deciding whether you want to be a hunter, farmer or both. As a hunter you must prepare in advance by scouting your area, cleaning your tools (gun, backpack, knives, etc.), rise early and then wait. If you’ve prepared well you’ll be … Continued

OK Google….Voice Search Impacts Website Optimization

  Whether you’re loyal to Google, Siri, Cortana or Alexa chances are you search the internet regularly by voice commands instead of typing.  This growing trend must be considered when choosing content keywords and content for your website. 60% of all searches from mobile devices and at least 20% of those searches come from a … Continued

Why Am I Not Ranking Well in Google Any Longer?

  First, stop trying to game the system. Google is too smart and eventually it will uncover your “games” and you’ll fall in rankings. We often see online comments in SEO forms asking questions like “Why did Google de-index my site?” or “I think I’ve got a site penalty, what did I do wrong?” or … Continued

SEO and PPC – The Sweet Spot

  In the digital marketing world, SEO and PPC are often talked about separately. Businesses owners will often ask whether they should focus on PPC or SEO for their business. The answer isn’t always cut and dry! However, ideally, using SEO and PPC together in the “sweet spot” will produce the best results for your company. … Continued

Google Posts – Another Tool in Your Tool Belt

  Google Posts are relatively new having only recently been released from beta testing. They may be very powerful but until tested further the jury is still out. While we all continue to learn more about the ins and outs, you should understand the basics and play around with using them to test their effectiveness. … Continued

Content That Gets Links to Improve SEO

  Content on your website is great but content that people link to is even more valuable.  Many of us that write content do so because we want to share our knowledge, build our brand and help others.  You can further all these purposes and also improve the online “value” of your content to Google … Continued

Meta: What is it and Why Do You Care?

What is Meta?   Metadata is what populates in the search results for each listing based the search term typed into the search bar.  Therefore, meta is very important as it influences whether your website comes up in search results.   Why Do You Care About Meta? Two types of meta that you need to … Continued

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