Common Website Pitfalls!

This Wit Wednesday, our lead software engineer, Ryan, goes over a few important points to keep your site performing at its optimal level. • Letting your site become stagnant Keep your content updated and fresh! No one wants to read a blog post from over ten years ago or see outdated photos of your team. … Continued

The Wit Website Design Process

Ever wonder what it’s like building a new website with Wit? In today’s Wit Wednesday our Lead Designer, Shayna, breaks down the web design process. Shayna is a design master and knows how to maximize our client’s brands when designing new websites. We also talk about which web design trends to pay attention to and … Continued

What To Know: Site Performance Reports

We get tons of questions from clients about page speed and website performance reports, specifically when using Google’s PageSpeed Insights (PSI) tool. This is a powerful tool, however there is much more to a website’s loading time than is presented in PSI’s platform. Key Points PageSpeed Insights doesn’t include a full picture of how your … Continued

Fastest WordPress Web Hosting with Kinsta

Speed matters. We exclusively host our websites with Kinsta as they have created the fastest WordPress experience, contributing to our SEO results. Check the speed of your site at Read the Kinsta post at Thanks for watching!

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