What Should I Put on My Home Page?

  You never get a second chance to make a first impression -Will Rogers Here are 6 things you should have on your home services company’s home page to make the best first impression: #1 Different Ways to Contact You – You home page should make it easy to contact you as people are busy. … Continued

Hunting or Farming — PPC or SEO?

Knowing whether your company needs to do PPC or SEO or both is like deciding whether you want to be a hunter, farmer or both. As a hunter you must prepare in advance by scouting your area, cleaning your tools (gun, backpack, knives, etc.), rise early and then wait. If you’ve prepared well you’ll be … Continued

Beat Your Home Services Competition Every Time

  Part 1 of 5 In today’s competitive home services industry, being able to beat out your competition, be it plumbers, electricians or HVAC providers, can be a daunting task.  In this series we will explore the top 5 things you need to do consistently to beat your competition every time — no matter what! … Continued

Why Am I Not Ranking Well in Google Any Longer?

  First, stop trying to game the system. Google is too smart and eventually it will uncover your “games” and you’ll fall in rankings. We often see online comments in SEO forms asking questions like “Why did Google de-index my site?” or “I think I’ve got a site penalty, what did I do wrong?” or … Continued

Does Owning More Domain Names Equal SEO Success?

For years, one of the best ways to consistently rank high in Google’s search results for a particular term was to buy as many domain names as possible surrounding that term. For instance, a plumber in Denver might buy www.bestdenverplumber.com, www.denversbestplumber.com, www.denverplumber.com, and more.   Given that search engine optimization best practices change over time, … Continued

What is Digital Marketing and Why Is It Important?

Some say that using the term “digital marketing” instead of just “marketing” is like describing a car as a non-horse-drawn vehicle.  Arguably, today’s world IS digital, so there is no reason to use that term.  But, that really doesn’t reflect the reality that, in the home services industry, there are still plenty of companies that … Continued

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