Good SEO Matters: Here’s Why

  “Your ranking and traffic dropped because of a Google algorithm update!” Has an SEO company ever given you this excuse?   Well, that’s simply not true if your digital marketing is done right.   Putting in the hard work and doing high-quality SEO correctly matters.   Check out this example (in the video below) … Continued

Google My Business Now Offers Video Verification

  Times are changing!   Having a verified Google My Business listing is a critical component of a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Not only will you rank higher when users are searching for you and your services (according to search giant Google), verified businesses are twice as likely to be considered by users.  … Continued

Seequs is now Wit Digital!

Seequs is now Wit Digital! Still trying to figure out how to say our company name? Well, fret no more! After years of mispronunciation (being referred to as “Sea Quest,” “Seek Us,” and other variations), we knew it was time to take our brand to the next level. We called in our brand artillery, Anthem … Continued

Online Reviews and the Importance of Managing Your Online Reputation

Businesses lacking a positive and engaging web presence are at risk of losing potential consumers to responsive competitors who manage their online reputation.     The Importance of Managing your Online Reviews Responding to reviews ⎼ both positive and negative ⎼  is more important than ever. According to BrightLocal’s 2017 Local Consumer Review Survey: 97% … Continued

Treating Your Employees as Well as Your Best Customers

Owner of 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric, Ryan Williams, discusses the importance of treating your employees as well as your best customers and proves that it pays to meticulously hire to your company’s core values. Topics We Cover The power of teamwork and treating your employees as well as your best customers The importance … Continued

What You Need to Know About Google Local Services

Google’s latest advertisement tool is Google Local Services (formerly known as Google Home Services) ⎼ an ad platform designed to easily connect trusted home service businesses with consumers. It’s creating a lot of waves in the home service business world. Our Director of Client Success, Noah Johnson, says “the possibilities are huge…opportunity is here.”   … Continued

What To Do About Multiple Google My Business Listings

  What should you do if you have multiple or duplicate Google My Business listings?  First, understand that the information you have on your Google My Business Listing is a big deal.  And, Google value consistent information.  So, having multiple listings with different information is hurting your business.  Below is a checklist of what we … Continued

Does Owning More Domain Names Equal SEO Success?

For years, one of the best ways to consistently rank high in Google’s search results for a particular term was to buy as many domain names as possible surrounding that term. For instance, a plumber in Denver might buy,,, and more.   Given that search engine optimization best practices change over time, … Continued

How to Find a Digital Marketing Partner

If you find yourself needing help with your digital marketing, you have two routes to go. You can hire a technician or you can find a partner.  When you work with a partner in the digital marketing world you will likely get better service and a much greater return on your investment than if you … Continued

Google My Business Photos — More Than Just Selfies

  In 2015 more than 24 Billion selfies were uploaded according to Google and that number has only increased. So, it’s not surprising that in 2016 Google began considering photos associated with Google My Business accounts as a factor in its rankings. Photos are important because they are the first thing customer see when your … Continued

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