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Seequs is now Wit Digital!

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Seequs is now Wit Digital!

Still trying to figure out how to say our company name? Well, fret no more! After years of mispronunciation (being referred to as “Sea Quest,” “Seek Us,” and other variations), we knew it was time to take our brand to the next level. We called in our brand artillery, Anthem Branding, and disputed the name for hundreds of hours until reaching a decision that fit perfectly: Wit Digital.

The powerful meaning behind Wit is “Whatever It Takes” – our leading mantra. “Whatever It Takes” is at the core of our values and speaks to our commitment to delivering top marketing results for clients. “Whatever it takes” is how our agency operates. We are a no-excuses, whatever-it-takes digital agency that consistently goes above and beyond for our clients.

While the “W” in our logo evokes strength and durability, the star grants homage to our position as the guiding light and industry thought leader, paving the way for growth. The new teal color palette is fresh and vibrant, representing our wisdom, creativity, and loyalty.

“We’ve worked diligently to be the leader in a rapidly changing industry. Our new brand Wit Digital mirrors this drive and reflects our dedication to our clients and their digital marketing needs. It’s an exciting time to be a part of Wit Digital! We continue to be relentless, trustworthy, and intelligent, serving as the trusted digital marketing expert,” states CEO and Founder, Stephen Christopher.

In the last four years, our agency has quadrupled in revenue and doubled in size. While our brand has changed to better represent our personality, our values remain the same – our focus on exclusivity, education in the marketplace, and passion for helping businesses grow remains unique, enabling us to meet and exceed the ever-changing digital marketing industry’s needs. We vow to continue providing high-quality digital marketing tools, expertise and epic customer service that businesses need to grow and thrive.

To learn more about our rebrand, check out the videos below.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.



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