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Good SEO Matters: Here’s Why

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“Your ranking and traffic dropped because of a Google algorithm update!” Has an SEO company ever given you this excuse?


Well, that’s simply not true if your digital marketing is done right.


Putting in the hard work and doing high-quality SEO correctly matters.


Check out this example (in the video below) of two companies and what happened to one of them after Google’s last algorithm update that happened on August 1st.



Here’s our client’s results that I mention in the video. (I know it’s not nearly as good as the Picasso I drew in the video, Ha!). The top blue line is our client, the red and green are their competitors. As you can see, the algorithm updates do sometimes create a slight dip in traffic for very high ranking sites; however, this is short-lived – if your SEO strategy is done correctly.








Please reach out to us if you have any questions about SEO or your current marketing. Even if you’re not looking for a digital marketing partner, we’re here to help – digital marketing is our passion.

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