Hunting or Farming — PPC or SEO?

Knowing whether your company needs to do PPC or SEO or both is like deciding whether you want to be a hunter, farmer or both. As a hunter you must prepare in advance by scouting your area, cleaning your tools (gun, backpack, knives, etc.), rise early and then wait. If you’ve prepared well you’ll be … Continued

OK Google….Voice Search Impacts Website Optimization

  Whether you’re loyal to Google, Siri, Cortana or Alexa chances are you search the internet regularly by voice commands instead of typing.  This growing trend must be considered when choosing content keywords and content for your website. 60% of all searches from mobile devices and at least 20% of those searches come from a … Continued

Facebook Ads: Creepy or Awesome?

A lot of people find Facebook ads creepy, especially when they clearly know more about you than you’ve told them. From a personal point of view, this might be true. Facebook knows where you live, how long you’ve lived there, what kind of car you drive, what you’ve charged on your credit card, the websites … Continued

We Put The ‘Ad’ In Badass!

Writing Awesome Ad Copy No matter where you place your ad, it’s important that your copy is attractive to both users and search engines. Here are some ideas to improve your online ads and get more business. Highlight Your Distinctions Make sure you pinpoint what makes your business unique, especially when it’s compared to your … Continued

SEO vs. PPC: Which is Better for You?

SEO vs. PPC: Where to Invest for Business Growth Many business owners wonder whether it’s better for them to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their website or in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. They know that they have a limited budget and they need to get their name out there, but they’re not … Continued

Beat Your Home Services Competition Every Time

  Part 1 of 5 In today’s competitive home services industry, being able to beat out your competition, be it plumbers, electricians or HVAC providers, can be a daunting task.  In this series we will explore the top 5 things you need to do consistently to beat your competition every time — no matter what! … Continued

Content That Gets Links to Improve SEO

  Content on your website is great but content that people link to is even more valuable.  Many of us that write content do so because we want to share our knowledge, build our brand and help others.  You can further all these purposes and also improve the online “value” of your content to Google … Continued

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