by Stephen Christopher

Is Your Website Influencing Buyers? 4 Essentials Your Website MUST Have

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Over 60% of people say that they will not buy from a company that has a “bad” website experience.  But what constitutes a “bad” website experience?  It isn’t just about load speed, content and photos. Here are 4 easy items that have a major influence on customer’s buying potential from your webstie:

  1. No contact information.  If a customer can’t easily find a phone number, address or email chances are they will move on to your competition immediately and you’ve lost a potential sale.  Make sure these are displayed prominently throughout your website and on your  Google My Business knowledge card.
  2. Outdated contact information. Maybe worse than no contact information, is the wrong contact information.  If you’ve moved and send a potential customer to the old address, you’ve lost a sale and chances are they will go to a competitor.  If your phone number has a typo in it, that customer will go to the next link — your competition — and you’ve lost another sale.
  3. Not a mobile friendly website.  71% of all digital consumption in the United States is from mobile devices!  That means if your website isn’t designed for a mobile user experience, you will lose customers because it is not easy for them to navigate on your site. 
  4. Product and service information isn’t readily available. – People are visiting your website for information. Make sure it is clear what service or products you provide. Be specific and don’t be misleading.  

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