How to Stay Cool Headed Under Stress

You know that one person that doesn’t ever seem to get frustrated no matter what happens?  Shit’s flying, problems everywhere, tension is rising…but they stay totally cool & clearheaded. Ever wondered how people are like that? Ever wanted to BE like that?! The answer to how to stay clear headed under stress is really simple. … Continued

Partnerships: More than a catch phrase?

Does your agency feel like an extension of your business? Can you talk to them as if they were sitting in the next office down from you? If the answers are no you may be doing business with the wrong company. Marketing agencies are great at marketing. They know what to tell you during the … Continued

The mindset + business connection

By now you’ve heard how important your mindset is for growing a business. The connection between your state of mind and how successful you are in life is indisputable.  You may have even started being more mindful and aware of how your mental focus affects your results in your day to day life, and in … Continued

Marketing reporting is dead

Sometimes you have to take radical action to stay true to yourself and do the right thing. And sometimes that means burning it up and getting back to basics.  I started Wit Digital in 2014 after learning how SEO worked at my mortgage firm. Back then, we were called Seequs.  I was amazed how well … Continued

4 Key Things To Look For in a Marketing Agency

Doing business with a marketing company is more than a simple transaction.  It’s a creative pursuit that requires your input and insight, with the intention to grow your home service business.  Choosing someone you trust and hear good things about is a no brainer, but it’s still hard to hand over your hard earned marketing … Continued

How to maximize your home service LSA performance

LSA (Local Services Ads) on Google can send you tons of leads. But if you’re not doing it right, you’re probably losing out on some new customers and wasting your cash. Here are some tricks and tips to make sure you’re maximizing LSA. Complete your LSA profile Make sure your business profile is completely filled out … Continued

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