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We Put The ‘Ad’ In Badass!

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No matter where you place your ad, it’s important that your copy is attractive to both users and search engines. Here are some ideas to improve your online ads and get more business.

  1. Highlight Your Distinctions
  2. Make sure you pinpoint what makes your business unique, especially when it’s compared to your competition. If you are open on the weekends or offer 24-hour service, these things need to make it into your advertising copy. People will notice you when you stand out from the crowd, and your copy can help you do that.

  3. Include Prices and Promotions
  4. People want to know specifics about what you are offering. It’s not enough to say that you are having a sale or that your prices are lower than your competitors’. You need to tell people what you are offering and how they will save money or get more value working with you.

  5. Use Calls to Action
  6. Customers like to know what they are supposed to do with the information you’re giving them. If they need to click for more information, visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, or give you a call, tell them that. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to contact you and take advantage of your deals or promotions.

  7. Target Your Keywords
  8. Google looks at keyword targeting in ad copy and on a landing page to help users find what they are looking for when they search. Make sure that the people who need your services and who are your ideal customers find you! Choose your keywords carefully, then used them in your advertising and on your landing page so Google knows what you’re all about.

  9. Make it Mobile Friendly
  10. Since more and more website traffic is coming from mobile phones, it’s important that users on those devices can access and act on your ad. You can add call extensions to your ads, so people can simply click and call you directly, without having to go to your website first. When you hone in on mobile traffic, users should respond more often to your ads.

If you’re ready for some kickass ads, give us a call today. We’ll help you take your advertising copy to the next level.

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