by Stephen Christopher

Content That Gets Links to Improve SEO

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Content on your website is great but content that people link to is even more valuable.  Many of us that write content do so because we want to share our knowledge, build our brand and help others.  You can further all these purposes and also improve the online “value” of your content to Google by writing content that other people link to in their content.  While that may sound difficult, you can drastically improve the linkability of your content by:

1) Writing do-it-yourself guides – in the home services arena people often consider doing a project themselves before they call in an expert.  If they need guidance, help, ideas and your article on how to change a faucet, or video on how to install a new light fixture gives them the knowledge, they will likely remember you, talk about you to their friends, mention your article or video in a Facebook post and even provide a link to it in their DIY Blog!  A win all the way around.

2) Be a thought leader – by writing about trends in your industry, talking about what’s next and anticipating the future, others will be more likely to share your insights as it makes them look like a leader by association.  

3) Include data – including original, understandable data, statistics and research increases your linkability because the information you provide isn’t available anywhere else or it isn’t available in a format that is easily understandable.  Having back up for any recommendations you make and proof of suggested steps make your content more legitimate and thus others are willing to share and link to it.  For example, if you recommend that hot water heaters be replaced every 5 years and show data as to the number of failures in years 5-15, after that would be more compelling than just the recommendation alone.

4) Build relationships  – people are more likely to link to content if they know the author.  Build relationships by sharing others’ content, meeting authors at conferences or trade shows, commenting on their social media posts, etc.  This may also present opportunities to ask for links and other distribution channels for your content.

Writing good linkable content takes time but by following these 4 tips your content will drastically improve and so will your SEO!

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