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SEO vs. PPC: Which is Better for You?

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SEO vs. PPC: Where to Invest for Business Growth

Many business owners wonder whether it’s better for them to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their website or in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. They know that they have a limited budget and they need to get their name out there, but they’re not sure what is best for their company.

What is SEO? PPC?

SEO is what helps people find your site online. When they search on Google, your site’s SEO is what determines where you are on the list of sites Google returns. This brings in organic growth. It will naturally draw people to your site, provided you are using the right keywords and everything is optimized properly.

PPC ads are the three or four advertisements that appear at the top of a Google search. People pay to have their ads come out on top, hoping that people will see the ad first, click on it, and use their services rather than those of a company further down the page.

Which is More Important for Marketing?

Both SEO and PPC ads should play a part in your overall marketing strategy. In a perfect world, you would pay for both. Some people refuse to click on an ad, while some people always click on whatever Google spits out first, so having both is ideal.

If you only have the budget to do one or the other, or you’re trying to decide where to start, determine how soon your business needs leads and revenue.

If your need is urgent, start with PPC, because it will work quickly to bring customers to you. Setting up the ads and the landing pages can be done fast, so you’ll get business soon. On the downside, your cost per lead will likely be higher and, once you stop paying for the ad, you’re no longer at the top of the list of search results Google returns.

If you have plenty of customers and are willing to build your market share slowly, chose SEO. When it comes to long-term marketing strategy, it is absolutely essential to your growth. With SEO, you will see results starting in 4-6 months and moving into the future. Your SEO leads are likely to cost less than your PPC leads, and they are usually better quality leads, too.

Ultimately, no matter where you start, you’ll want to incorporate both of these methods into your overall marketing strategy. That way, you won’t miss out on any of the leads that could be yours.

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