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Remove Single Platform Link on Google My Business Listing

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It’s important to regularly review your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Google is always releasing updates to its products, especially its Google My Business platform. In the last year, Google has added new features, such as the ability to upload videos, a Q&A section, services listing, longer business descriptions, etc. Staying on top of these updates can be daunting; however, it’s critical that you’re regularly updating and optimizing your listing in order to stay ahead (or get ahead) of your competition.


A little over one year ago, we noticed a couple clients that had an odd link appear on their Google My Business listing. Upon further investigation, we discovered Google quietly allowed a third party services website to link in the Products and Services sections of GMB listings (without approval needed).


We were able to get the links removed after several phone calls, but now the SinglePlatform link is making a comeback. It’s important that we get these links removed, because this platform could be stealing your leads.


Below is a before and after look at one of our client’s listings that we’ve corrected:





















This Single Platform link takes prospective customers to a third party website,, as seen in the image, below. Essentially, this drives leads – who searched and found you – to another website, where your prospective customers can begin locating a service professional in their area – which may or may not end up being you.










To keep your leads, you need to remove this link from your Google My Business listing. To do so, call, at 1-800-647-1951. Have the following information handy: Your business name, zip code, and the phone numbers listed on your Google My Business listing.


To see if your business has been affected, search your company name in Google and click on your Google My Business listing. The link will be labeled ‘places.singleplatform’ under the Products and Services section.


If you need help removing this link, reach out to us. We’re happy to help! We’re here to add value to service business, whether you partner with us or not.

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