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Google Confirms Update to Core Algorithm

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Google Confirms Update to Core Algorithm


Google is at it – again! It’s no secret that Google makes hundreds of updates each year to its algorithm, the criteria that they use to rank websites, which is why it’s vitally important to work with a company that understands these updates.  

While the vast majority of these updates are small in scale or specific to a certain ranking factor, there are a few times each year that Google really shakes things up and makes adjustments to their ‘Core Algorithm’. On August 1, 2018, Google confirmed that they made an update to their core algorithm.

All this really means is that Google has made adjustments to the ratio and weight of the ingredients that they use to determine where a site will rank in search results. With many of the updates that Google makes, they will share some details of what the goal of the update is and why the change was made (i.e. to help more relevant content rank better, to lower rankings for pages with numerous spammy backlinks, or any number of specific factors). When a core algorithm update is made, however, Google doesn’t provide any specifics. This is where having a reliable partner for SEO really pays off.

When these major updates happen, our SEO team closely watches for changes in results, increases in rank for our clients, and any opportunities to capitalize on the algorithm changes. Having a website built on a foundation of sound SEO strategy can mean the difference between your rankings dropping with your competitors’ sites during a major update, or your site maintaining visibility while you watch your competitors rankings drop.

Most businesses fear Google algorithm updates, but we welcome them. When SEO is done correctly, these updates help your website rank higher and boot low-quality competitors out of high ranking spots. Occasionally one of our clients will be affected negatively based on something that was done in the past by another company, but if it happens, our team identifies these issues and corrects them quickly.  

At Wit, we watch results and updates on a daily basis to ensure our client’s websites are adjusted in real-time to stay ahead their competitors. If you’re ready to partner up with us, or have any questions about this latest update, e-mail us at [email protected]. Let’s talk shop!

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