by Stephen Christopher

Website Traffic is Worthless

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More specifically, traffic to your website is worthless without conversion.  No matter how many visitors you have to your site, they aren’t worth much if they don’t call you, ask for information or otherwise engage with you.  

Here are 6 things you can do to get more conversions:

1. Decide the top 3 objectives of your website (e.g. gather email addresses, get purchases, get online appointments)

Remove all distractions on your website that don’t further these 3 objectives

Use language that is simple, clear and specific


2. Give opportunities for all 3 levels of visitors to your website:

Hot – Ready to buy now!  Can they contact you immediately?

Warm – Interested but don’t need to call now.  Can they leave information for a call later or information to be sent to them?

Cold – Curious but not ready to buy; Give them the opportunity to interact with you and exchange value with them (e.g. enter email and receive a coupon).


3. Include social proof – Reviews and testimonials on your page allow visitors to feel comfortable interacting with you. Put your social proof near action items.


4. Use landing pages – set up specific pages that a visitor to your website lands on from paid advertising or embedded links and track your conversion rate (in the home services industry this should be 10-30% )


5. Be mobile – your website needs to be fully functional on a mobile device as 60% of home services traffic comes from mobile devices.  


6. Use AB Testing – run 2 different pages simultaneously and see which produces more conversions.


If you are curious about your conversion rates and how your website is performing, Wit Digital will do a custom audit of your site FOR FREE and talk to you about ways to improve its performance and improve your conversions. You can see our full Flip Chart Friday video on this subject here:

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