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3 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate with Web Design: Flip Chart Friday

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We all know that conversion is king when it comes to online marketing.  Here are 3 ways you can increase your conversion rate with a few simple tweaks to your website:


1) Ease of use – Visitors need to be able to find whatever they are looking for quickly!  If not, they will leave your site and move on to another- and you’ve lost a potential customer.  Make sure your objective (whether on your desktop or mobile site)  is always visible on the page even if your visitor is scrolling.  Also, visitors don’t have the same knowledge of your industry as you do, so your website should be organized for your customer and not your industry. Remember, the better the customer online experience, the better your conversion rate!

2) Formatting – The presentation of your content should be visually pleasing.  We suggest using lots of titles, pictures and graphs  And, don’t forget whitespace.  It helps create a calm, professional vibe on any site.

3) Color and Size – Yes size does matter and so does color!  Color guides conversion because it guides your potential customer where to look. Green, blue, oranges and yellow work best.  So make sure your action items are BOLD and BRIGHT.  All fonts should be large enough for your ideal customer to easily read and readable on mobile as well as desktop.


These 3 easy tweaks to our website can produce noticeable improvement in your conversion rates.  To get started with some easy action right now:

  1. What is your #1 objective?
  2. Is it visible on every page?
  3. Is is visually compelling in both color and size?  


If you’d like us to review your website and offer more suggestions on how to improve its functionality you can request a free custom review at or contact us at 1-800 444-8957.

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