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SEO and PPC – The Sweet Spot

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In the digital marketing world, SEO and PPC are often talked about separately. Businesses owners will often ask whether they should focus on PPC or SEO for their business. The answer isn’t always cut and dry! However, ideally, using SEO and PPC together in the “sweet spot” will produce the best results for your company.  Think about SEO and PPC as separate tools when, combined, produce better results than either one would independently.

Here are 3 ways that data can be shared between PPC and SEO to improve your ROI:

1) Keyword Data– When you use targeted keywords in your PPC efforts you get immediate feedback unlike SEO which can take months to determine the effectiveness of chosen keywords.  Share your PPC keyword results with your SEO team to improve your SEO without spending more money.  

2) Conversion Data – Conversion data from PPC is fast and immediate. So, you quickly know how your PPC efforts will play out with your organic traffic on your website. You can even do A/B ad copy testing in your PPC program and use the results on your website, if effective.  PPC conversion data, which is relatively inexpensive to obtain, is more effective than randomly trying different things on your website.  

3) Remarketing to Previous Traffic – It used to be that having a web page and ranking organically was digital marketing,  then ads came along.  Now, the sweet spot is to take have your marketing reach potential customers as many times as possible along your marketing funnel.  You can take the organic traffic to your website and market to these potential customers after they have come to your site, even if they didn’t click on an ad.   Instead you’ll market to them on other sites they might visit for pennies on the dollar through PPC

If you are using or considering implementing both SEO and PPC strategies in your online marketing strategy, the most important thing you can do is to make sure your PPC and SEO professionals are sharing their respective data with each other. If you use different companies for SEO and PPC, try to facilitate communication between them. It’s Your data to share!  If you work with only one company for everything, ask them how they are merging the various effort and see if there is room for improved ROI. 

If you’d like to learn more about finding your company’s sweet spot with PPC and SEO or have any questions and we can help in any way please give reach out to [email protected]. You can also see the video on Facebook by clicking here!

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