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Faster Than a Speeding…Website

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53% of users bounce from a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load!

Keeping with the theme of our last few blogs about conversion, which you can find here, in last Friday’s edition of Flip Chart Friday, we talked about why website load speed is important.  In order to have a conversion of visitors to customers from your website, they first need to be able to quickly find what they came to find.  In addition, the number of bounces from your website can also negatively affect your Google rankings.  

Below are 3 things you should do to maximize your website’s load speed:


1) Check Your Images – Images are very important on a website because they make it visually appealing and can reinforce your brand, but it is crucial that the pixel size of your images match the resolution and that the files are compressed.  

2) Limit Your Header – The header on your website contains the building blocks of the page.  Things like specialized fonts, heavy CSS or Javascript files can decrease the load time of your webpage so talk to your developer about what is contained in the page header.

3) Test Your Load Speed -Google PageSpeed Insights or GT Metrix both offer free tools to test your load speed and offer suggestions of things to do to improve the speed.  These test results should be shared with your website developer or IT person.   
If you’d like us to help you test your speed and offer suggestions on improvement, you can reach us at [email protected].

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