by Stephen Christopher

Unlock the Power of a Growth Mindset for Your Business

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Integrating a growth mindset into your company will help you do amazing things.

A lot of people think that the results or the deliverable from a company are the most important things to get perfect and work on. Once they have the results or the deliverable dialed in, they think selling will be really easy.

But one thing to remember is that the market is constantly changing. So what does this have to do with a growth mindset?

Think about that from a purely digital marketing standpoint-Google’s always changing, introducing new products, decreasing space given to PPC, the whole landscape of organic and SEO are always in flux.

How do you deal with that as a company?

If you just focus on making your one product or service perfect then the market will outgrow you and other companies will outgrow you.

We had this realization…

We have to be a growth mindset oriented company in order to deliver the absolute best results.

That means that sometimes, our product and service isn’t always our number one focus.

Our number one focus is helping our clients grow by being open to what’s happening in the market, and always keeping a very broad perspective of what’s going on.

For example, what are our strengths and the opportunities for improvement? And what are the threats that are coming in both our agency and for our clients? 

When you get this dialed, it makes your company very nimble and able to deal with these other things that are happening in the industry. 

Having a growth mindset ingrained in your daily culture is what makes an amazing company.

How we started a growth oriented culture

We’ve pursued a growth mindset in our company a couple ways.

First, our core values reflect our dedication to growth. One of those values is literally “be relentless about growth” and has been for almost 10 years.

Another value is “create and innovate fearlessly”. We give our team the opportunity to fail by making it safe to try new things to see how they work. If it doesn’t work, okay, great- that’s feedback and data for us to move forward with. 

You simply can’t make progress if you don’t take chances.

Since we have this massive growth mindset, we’re able to be nimble and be flexible and be open to being the best no matter what happens in the marketplace. 

I’ve watched clients that have this growth mindset within their company be able to perform really well and be able to lean into interesting things that are happening.

These companies set themselves apart from others that view innovation as a threat.

Growth oriented companies view everything as an opportunity- “How can I be a market leader and take advantage of something to grow my business?”

How to foster growth in a home service company

Within your company and your culture, start talking about growth mindset. Start encouraging your team to read books on it. Start encouraging your team to spend maybe 5% or 10% of their time each week, looking at things outside of the normal day to day of the business and looking for opportunities, looking for strengths.

If you’re familiar with a SWOT analysis, that’s something that really helps open that perspective quite a bit. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).

Be okay with the unknown

Encourage your team to bring you ideas that they think of that may serve the business. And even if those ideas aren’t good, or they just fail and they flop completely, that’s okay. Keep encouraging them to bring those things to you. 

Eventually what will happen is you will create a culture and you will create a company that has a growth mindset. Once you have this, nothing can stand in the way of your business. Nothing can keep you from growing because even if your product or service you offer changes dramatically over time, the core of your business and how you deliver those services and continuously improve remains the same.

A growth oriented company is indestructible. Begin to look for opportunities in every situation. When you get this right, your company will be a hell of a lot more fun to work at. 

If you have any questions, if you want to talk about growth, mindset and culture and stuff- it’s one of my favorite topics to talk to other business owners about. If you’re interested in having a conversation about it, just hit me up.

To your growth,


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