by Stephen Christopher

How to maximize your home service LSA performance

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LSA (Local Services Ads) on Google can send you tons of leads. But if you’re not doing it right, you’re probably losing out on some new customers and wasting your cash. Here are some tricks and tips to make sure you’re maximizing LSA.

Complete your LSA profile

Make sure your business profile is completely filled out and the verification status is COMPLETE. Add photos to the profiles for completed jobs- like pics of your work and your employees, and check later to make sure they are approved. Check your LSA account occasionally, because Google will sometimes ask again for info already provided and already verified!

Listen to calls often

Listen to your calls, enter customer info into your dashboard and mark the calls as booked. The higher your booking rate, the better for Google to show your ads above your competitors.

Don’t overlook the value of listening to your calls. Don’t trust your metrics, take 20 minutes and listen to a good amount of calls, especially the ones under 30 seconds. You will be surprised how many missed opportunities you find that you can coach your CSRs on to increase their close rate.

Never stop building your reputation

You already know that companies with more and better reviews will be shown more often in searches, so make sure you ask EACH CUSTOMER for a review and continue building your reputation. Your company’s legacy lies in how you treat your customers- make it a great one! 

Focus on what matters most

DIAL IN your services and dial in your service area targeting. Don’t go too broad on either…just stick to the services you really want to book, and areas that your ideal clients live in. Preserve your marketing dollars for the ideal leads for YOU! 

Answer the phone

Make sure you don’t miss incoming lead calls, and make sure you have a competent CSR fielding LSA calls. Want to TANK your LSA rating and get even LESS calls? Don’t answer the calls sent through the system! If you’re going to use LSA…be prepared to field incoming calls. And if you don’t have a way to answer these incoming leads after hours, don’t run ads during this time.

Raise your budget

EVEN IF your account isn’t spending your whole budget currently, raise your budget by at least a few thousand per month. You can always turn it down if you start getting too many leads.

Monitor performance and placement

Check ad placement with sample searches but STOP! Don’t do this with PPC…it doesn’t work the same way! Search for your services in your area to ensure your ranking is good and that your Google Guaranteed badge is showing. If not check the dashboard and fix it up.

With these tips you could be maximizing money spent on LSA. Do you feel like you’re wasting money or need help? Hit us up!

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