by Stephen Christopher

How to Stay Cool Headed Under Stress

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You know that one person that doesn’t ever seem to get frustrated no matter what happens? 

Shit’s flying, problems everywhere, tension is rising…but they stay totally cool & clearheaded.

Ever wondered how people are like that? Ever wanted to BE like that?!

The answer to how to stay clear headed under stress is really simple.

It’s not a secret.

It’s not how they were born…

Staying clear headed under stress is simply a choice. Do you control your emotions or do they control you?

You get to choose at every moment what your emotions and your reactions are. 

Make conscious decisions not to choose frustration, anger or fear when you’re going into decision making or doing business. These emotions cloud your ability to choose clearly, making it tougher and more stressful for you to get things done. 

Stress=shitty days at work. 

Fear & frustration do not put us into a good state of mind to clearly be objective and see what’s going on. The cool part about this is that you can make a choice in every moment about how to feel.

Next time you start to go into frustration mode, choose a different emotion.

It takes a second to take a deep breath & remind yourself:

You can turn fear of the unknown into excitement.

You can turn frustration into acceptance.

You can turn anger into an opportunity for growth.

It makes life better and business more fun when you keep practicing this skill. You’ll be able to better solve problems with a clear mind and it sure makes work a hell of a lot more fun. The key is consistency!

For a look at some practical ways to work on your mindset check out this article on the mindset/business connection.

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