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Google Posts – Another Tool in Your Tool Belt

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tool beltGoogle Posts are relatively new having only recently been released from beta testing. They may be very powerful but until tested further the jury is still out. While we all continue to learn more about the ins and outs, you should understand the basics and play around with using them to test their effectiveness.

There are 5 types of posts in Google Posts:

1) Events

2) Offers

3) Announcements

4) Products

5) Services

By adding information into Google Posts it appears in your Google Business Knowledge card (the area to the right of search results).  By appearing here, it allows your potential customers to see your event, offer, announcement, product or service quickly! Check out these recent posts on the Wit Digital Knowledge card.

Also, once you have added a Google Post you can then use Google Insights to see how many views (people who actually saw the post) and how many click-throughs (people who clicked and visited your website).  You can access this data by going to your Google My Business account and clicking on the actual post.  This data can be very helpful in learning what type of posts trigger action by your potential customers.   

As you start using Google Posts it is important that you think about:

  1. What type of post you should use;
  2. Adding quality photos (see article on Google Photos)
  3. Clearly describe the post with a descriptive title, relevant description and a specific call to action that is easy and clear to encourage interaction.

If you’d more information about using Google Posts or want to share your experiences feel free to call any of our account managers or email us at [email protected].  You can watch the Flip Chart Friday video on this topic on our YouTube channel.

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