Passion Vs. Profit: Striking a Balance in Your Career

The age-old debate of pursing passion versus chasing profits is expertly tackled in the first episode of Wit’s Digital Dialogues with Stephen Christopher and Andrew Olson. In this episode, Andrew asks a pivotal question: “ Can you cultivate passion within your daily tasks?” The Key to a Fulfilling Career:  The key to a fulfilling career … Continued

Unveiling “Digital Dialogues”: A New Series by Wit Digital!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new series, Digital Dialogues, hosted by none other than Wit Digital’s founder, Stephen Christopher, and CEO, Andrew Olson. This is your exclusive invitation to tune in and delve into captivating discussions that promise to enrich your perspective on pivotal topics such as company culture, leadership insights, … Continued

How to Stay Cool Headed Under Stress

You know that one person that doesn’t ever seem to get frustrated no matter what happens?  Shit’s flying, problems everywhere, tension is rising…but they stay totally cool & clearheaded. Ever wondered how people are like that? Ever wanted to BE like that?! The answer to how to stay clear headed under stress is really simple. … Continued

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