by Annabelle Goettl

Unveiling “Digital Dialogues”: A New Series by Wit Digital!

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new series, Digital Dialogues, hosted by none other than Wit Digital’s founder, Stephen Christopher, and CEO, Andrew Olson. This is your exclusive invitation to tune in and delve into captivating discussions that promise to enrich your perspective on pivotal topics such as company culture, leadership insights, and more.

Episode 1 Highlights:

Q1: How Do You Build Company Culture?

Stephen and Andrew embark on an intriguing exploration into the essence of company culture. As the visionary leaders of Wit Digital, they share invaluable insights on crafting a distinctive company culture. One of their key takeaways? The significance of bi-annual company retreats focused on fostering genuine connections rather than mere work. Stephen emphasizes setting a genuine intention in building company culture, while Andrew reflects on past experiences and underscores the essential lesson for leaders: only expect employees to work in conditions you yourself would find acceptable.

Q2: How Can Leaders Effectively Relinquish Control and Instill Trust in Their Employees?

In this segment, Stephen and Andrew discuss the criticality of releasing control as business owners and entrusting employees to fulfill their roles effectively. Key insights include:

  • Setting aside pride and ego.
  • Recognizing that the presence of employees signifies tasks beyond individual capacity.
  • Hiring with complete confidence in the individual’s abilities and capabilities.

Q3: How Do You Navigate the Intersection of Passion and Profit?

The age-old debate of pursuing passion versus chasing profits is expertly tackled by Stephen and Andrew. Drawing from Andrew’s personal journey, he reflects on his previous career focused mainly on profit and contrasts it with his current experience at Wit Digital. Here, he’s discovering the delicate balance between passion and profit. A pivotal question posed by Andrew sets the tone for this discussion: “Can I cultivate passion within my daily tasks?” This approach ensures the harmonious integration of both elements, offering the best of both worlds.

Don’t Miss Out!

Ready to join the conversation and gain exclusive insights from industry leaders? Click the links below to watch the first episode of Digital Dialogues on YouTube or listen on Spotify now!



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