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3 Common Homepage Design Mistakes

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Your website is an important tool in growing your business! Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your homepage is performing at it’s maximum potential.

Mistake # 1: There is No Call to Action Above the Fold

We all know people are lazy when it comes to browsing the internet. If they don’t see a specific action to take within the first few seconds of landing on your homepage, oftentimes you will lose them. A Call to Action can take a few different forms on a homepage. Ask yourself, what is the main objective I want my website to accomplish? Maybe you want people to schedule a service, call your business, subscribe to your podcast, sign up for your event. Whatever it is, make sure the option to do so is extremely accessible and visible above the fold of your homepage. It could be a ‘Start Now’ button in the top right corner (make sure it’s a bright color!), a ‘register now’ button in the middle of your hero image, or a contact form. This is going to look different for every business, and it’s a great idea to test the above strategies to see what converts best for you.

Mistake # 2: The Homepage is Cluttered

Your homepage is the bait. The homepage design needs to provide just enough information to get users to take the next step (aka your Call to Action). People want simple, clean and easy-to-understand design. They don’t want to have to think about what to read first, which picture they should look at or what to click on next. So, make it easy on them. Don’t stuff your homepage with tons of links, images and complete history of your company. Let people know what you do, how you do it, and how it benefits them. It’s as simple as that!

Mistake # 3: There is no E-mail Sales Funnel

Your homepage design should work as a lead generating machine for your business. If it’s not, take the steps to set up an email sales funnel. There should be a form on the homepage asking user for their e-mail address in return for some kind of value you provide. This can take the form of a newsletter, coupons, free downloadable guide, etc. Get creative with this! The key is- it needs to be free. People love free stuff. You can’t lose when something is free, right? Now, you begin building this list of potential clients that have already demonstrated interest in your service. You can use e-mail marketing software to schedule emails to automatically follow up with every lead on a consistent basis, guiding them towards making a purchase, scheduling service, etc. Sure, it’s a bit of work initially setting this type of thing up, but the long-term benefit is certainly worth it.

Contact you web provider for more details on how to implement these strategies, or get in touch with Wit Digital for free advice on these and other strategies you can implement today to improve your website! Check out our team here.

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