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Google+ is Shutting Down Earlier Than Expected in April 2019

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In October,  Google announced its plans to shut down Google+ in August of 2019. Now, due to a recent data breach, Google is shutting down Google+ by the end of April 2019 – 4 months earlier.

Because Google+ had little user interaction, this shutdown should not affect your business. Google+ is not correlated to your Google My Business listing. Google+ is a social media platform, while your Google My Business listing is essentially your virtual storefront. This shutdown will not alter your Google reviews, business listing, map location, etc.

Why is this important?

Moving forward, we recommend removing Google+ links/icons from your email signatures, printed collateral, etc, as well as saving your favorite images/posts from your Google+ profile and pushing them out on more effective social media platforms – such as Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, we recommend deleting your personal Google+ profile. This will not affect your Google account (e.g., gmail, etc.); it will protect you from any future data breaches that may occur prior to the official shutdown in April.

How to delete your Google+ profile:

1. Login to your Google+ account:
2. Select the menu icon located in the top left corner
3. Select ‘Settings’
4. Scroll down to ‘Account’
5. Select ‘Delete your Google+ profile’
6. Verify your password
7. Check the box: “Yes, I understand that deleting the Google+ profile can’t be undone and the data I delete can’t be restored.”
8. Select ‘Delete’

Please reach out to our tribe if you have any questions, or need help removing your Google+ links.

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