by Sarah Evans

Is Opening a New GBP Location Right for Your Business?

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There’s a common misconception that opening a new GBP (Google Business Profile) location automatically means you’ll get more business. 

Choosing a new location for GBP can be complicated, and if chosen poorly, it can actually HURT, rather than help your business. 

Location, Location, Location!

The physical location of your office plays a pivotal role in local search results. Google uses a combination of factors to determine which businesses appear in the map pack, including:

  • Relevance: Does your business offer what potential customers are looking for?
  • Distance: How far away is your business from the searcher?
  • Prominence: How well-known is your business?
  • Reviews: How many reviews do you have, and what are the ratings?
  • Position in web results: Where does your website appear in search results?

How Google Determines Local Rankings

The importance of each of these factors can vary depending on the specific search, but distance is one of the most important factors. If your office is close to a potential customer, you’re more likely to appear in the map pack.

Can You Rank at a New GBP Location?

Before you sign a lease on a new office, consider:

1. Is the location within the city limits? If not, based on data & results we’ve studied, you’re less likely to rank.

2. Are there other similar businesses close to this location? If so, you’ll have more competition and it will be more difficult to gain traction.

3. Do those businesses have a lot of reviews and a good rating? If so, you’ll have an even harder time ranking. 

4. Is the location too close to your current location? If so, you’ll be cannibalizing your own listing- competing with yourself. And Google would be likely to simply show a competitor’s listing.

What to Do Before Opening a New GBP Location or Relocating

  • Check the address in Google Maps.
  • Speak with your marketing team to chat about best location options
  • Don’t sign a lease or contract without doing the above

How we’re helping clients with new GBP locations

  • Evaluating the location of the “new” office before a lease is signed & providing insight and a professional opinion of the quality of the location
  • Completing in-depth local competitor research to understand the benefits & risks for that specific location
  • Determining how easy or difficult it may be to actually rank in the desired location
  • Making recommendations based on our areas of expertise so you continue to grow in the most efficient ways possible

If you’re considering opening a new location, contact us to discuss your specific situation in relation to your long term growth goals. We’re happy to help you assess the pros and cons of opening a new location so you can make the best decision for your business.

Want to truly understand how new locations & marketing on a whole affects your bottom line? Get the formula for maximum transparency here.

Hope this helps!


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