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Google Now Notifications – Can We Influence Them?

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Google Now Cards & Notifications

Users of Android phones may already be familiar with Google Now, and are even getting Google Now Notifications in their notification drop down. iPhone users need to have the Google App installed on their device to be able to use Google Now and may or may not even be seeing the location notifications I’m going to talk about in a minute. Now cards are mainly short snippets of useful information, based on your preferences and your usage of your phone. The Now Cards vary from updates about the weather, where you last parked, updates from sports teams you’ve shown interest in (GO BRONCOS!), news articles that you might be interested in and more.

Not Just Cards, But Location Notifications

On top of seeing these cards in Google Now, some of these cards even produce notifications in your drop down notifications menu. If the weather is going to change drastically, like it does in CO, Google Now will notify you of the weather change for the next day. If your favorite team is playing a game, Google might give you a notification with the current score of the game.  And the main focus of this video and my upcoming test, if you’re at a bar/restaurant/entertainment venue, Google will give you a notification in your drop down with a card about the business Google thinks you’re at. Pretty nifty huh? Check out my video on this topic:

Your Feedback is Valuable!

I am going to be doing a test with some of our local clients, trying to see if we can influence the cards to show for different businesses than they normally do. I’ll be reporting back on this test, but while I’m getting it started, I’d like to hear from you!  Here are my questions:

  1. Do you use Google Now? On Android or iOS?
  2. Do you see Location Notifications for bars/restaurants/entertainment businesses?
  3. Have you ever seen a Location Notification for a business other than those listed above?

I’d love to hear your feedback. Email me at [email protected], comment on this blog post, or message me through our Facebook page. Heck, send a smoke signal if it works! I just want feedback. For those of you interested, stay tuned as I will be updating our blog with posts about my test and how it’s going, then I’ll do another video with my results. Thanks, stay searching!





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