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Google Tag Manager: Better Data to Make Better Decisions

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The sheer awesomeness of Google Tag Manager (GTM) will not only make your life easier; it will allow you to harness the power of “event tracking” (every action that a visitor makes on your website). By tracking these actions and behaviors, you can make adjustments and best optimize your website.



GTM is an easy-to-use tag management system that allows someone will little-to-no code experience to make these website improvements without the help of a developer. GTM tags are snippets of code that are placed within your website’s coding (<head> or <body>) which enable easy tracking, analysis and reporting.


Why should I get GTM?

LunaMetrics similarly gushes about GTM’s greatness and breaks down the reasons why you should starting using GTM today. In a nutshell, GTM offers its users:

  1. Reliable and accurate data: GTM’s error-checking and fast tag loading ensures tags are working properly and gathers data consistently and accurately.
  2. Flexibility: With GTM’s user-friendly platform, you can easily customize premade tag templates as well as test and debug tags before publishing to your website.
  3. Collaborative workspace: GTM allows multiple users to make updates simultaneously and publish changes as they’re ready.


What is the difference between Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics?

In short, Google Analytics (GA) measures your website’s performance while GTM manages its tags. GTM is not a replacement for Google Analytics, but merely a shift in the way you add GA to your website.


Before GTM, GA’s tracking codes had to be added by a developer – on every webpage. Juggling hundreds of tracking codes is not only difficult but can also costly if you’re paying a developer. GTM solves this issue by allowing you to easily edit your tags, as well as store them all in one easily-accessible and collaborative location.


Analytics Mania lays this out perfectly, “Imagine that Google Tag Manager is a toolbox, where you keep all your tools: a ruler (Google Analytics), a hammer (Google Adwords), etc.”

GTM’s platform will amaze you with its various capabilities. Do yourself a solid and check it out. If you get in there and have questions, reach out to us, at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help you.

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