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New features in Google Local Service Ads

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Look at what Google Local Service Ads is up to now!  Have you seen the “Google Guaranteed” badge on Google Maps? We caught some of the first glimpses of this in the last couple weeks (see the screenshot below).  


Are you utilizing LSA?  If not, you should be. Read on to learn more.


[NEW] Local Service Ads in Google Maps Results

This is brand new and only showing up in a very limited number of markets. When we talked to our Google Local Service Ads (LSA) representative (through our Google Premier Partnership) about it, they had very little information and just knew that it was starting to get tested in select markets.  If Google continues to roll this out, nationally, it’s one more reason to make sure your company is verified on Google now so you have the opportunity to show up in this new ad spot. Check it out:



Local Service Ads on Maps is still in beta testing with Google. We’ll continue to keep an eye on this for any updates on the feature rolling out across the board and keep you in the loop!


What are LSAs?

Local Service Ads (LSA) are paid ads that show up in certain search results on Google. Although LSAs are ads, the process and system is entirely different from your typical Google Ads campaigns. 


Here’s the top 3 reasons why you need to leverage Local Service Ads (LSA) now:

  • Only pay for quality/good leads (yes, Google will refund bad leads)
  • Show up at top of search results page
  • Google Guaranteed capability


LSAs have been rolling out across the country slowly over the last couple years, it’s now available in most major cities, but still not available in all markets. They apply primarily to home service industry businesses. Full background checks are required for any of your techs in the field, which gets you the “Google Guaranteed” badge on the ads when displayed in search results. Here’s what a standard LSA looks like:



The process for setting up an LSA account can be extensive, but these ads have proven to be valuable for home service businesses. The leads are qualified, and you can login to mark whether or not leads are quality. The best part about LSA…you only pay for the good leads!  


We share more about this update on our Facebook page, check it out below:



Want to leverage Local Service Ads?

We can help you get started! If you’re interested in getting “Google Guaranteed” through Local Service Ads to get more quality leads for your business, call us now – we’re here to answer all of your questions, whether we partner together or not: 800-444-8957


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