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Working SEO Strategies

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SEO StrategiesEvery SEO company has a strategy, but do they have a good seo strategy? Those that do well at search engine optimization and online marketing in general are really good at just a couple key things.

  • Figure out what works and put energy into it
  • Adapt to NEW seo strategies that work

Knowing what works is a hard thing to decipher. There is plenty to be found when you search for “seo strategies that work” on Google, but you’ll also find huge number of blogs or sites that tell you the exact opposite. The only way to know what works, is to try it all. Every industry, every location, and every point in time might have something different that provides results. The only way to establish what works, is trial and error. There is no detailed five step guide that will work for everyone.

When you do find those key things to focus on, push hard and be consistent. You can’t know if it’s working, or if it’s stopped working, unless you keep at it. A blog a month and three social media posts could be the key to your success, but you also have to keep an eye on the results and realize when it’s time to shift to a new seo strategy.

Don’t get stuck in your ways when it comes to something no longer working. Say the blog and the three social media posts just aren’t cutting it anymore and things are on the decline… Put on your thinking cap and try something new. Push some energy towards something else and see what search engines think of it next week. Take a look at your leading competition for ideas and try it for yourself. The world of internet marketing is constantly evolving, and always will. If someone could figure it out, they’d have a trillion+ dollar book on their hands.

…and when everyone got their hands on that book, Google would just rewrite it.

So try the same thing, and try new things. There’s no right answer but you can make an educated guess about the wrong ones. If you’d ever like to talk SEO strategies, contact us. We are always happy to bounce ideas around!

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