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One great way to optimize your plumber SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy is through pay-per-click advertising, or PPC. At Wit, we put together a detailed and data driven PPC advertising strategy that will help you generate more leads from people who are seriously interested in your services. We'll make sure that you get the advertising campaign that you need to help your plumbing business grow.

Our unique PPC process for plumbing companies

While we will handle all aspects of plumbing SEM for you, one of the parts we'll focus on most is your Pay-per-click. While the process is different for each client, depending on what you already have in place, your budget, and your needs and desires, it contains these steps for everyone.

  • plumber ppc accountDetermining your markets. We'll help you decide whether you want to place your ads on Facebook, Google, both, or another platform entirely. We'll look at where your leads are coming from now, where your competition seems to be getting leads, and where your interests lie. From there, we'll come up with the platforms that the data shows will serve you best.
  • Making your ads. When you're doing plumber PPC, it's important to have ads that are well-designed and created with your target customers in mind. We'll help you make ads that will look good on the page and that will draw the eyes and the minds of the people best-suited for your business.
  • Targeting your ads. Key to any paid marketing campaign is accurately targeting your advertising so the right people see it. We’ll help you choose keywords and demographics that best fit the people who are looking for the services you’ll offer. We’ll make sure that your plumber PPC ads show up for the people most likely to call you for help.
  • Tracking your ads. When it comes to Search Engine Marketing for plumbing companies, it’s not enough to make good ads. We also need to see how they are working, whether some work better than others, and which ones are doing best for which markets. We’ll keep detailed track of who sees your ads, who clicks on them, and how many of those are good leads. We’ll also track the ads against each other, so we can see which ones are performing the best for you.
  • Tweaking your campaign. Once we have data on which ads your customers are responding to the best, we’ll start tweaking your campaign so that more of your ads are more successful. We want you to get the most out of every dollar you spend on plumbing PPC and we will make changes to your campaign anytime we think that we can be more successful.

With Wit, your plumbing PPC strategy will be thoroughly researched, quickly executed, and consistently monitored and updated to generate leads for your plumbing business. Our SEM experts will help you with everything you need to ensure that your plumber PPC advertising campaign brings in hot, new leads. We know exactly what to do to get you high-quality new customers.

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