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Tips on How to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

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Did you know that 2/3 of website traffic comes from mobile users?!
Check out this Wit Wednesday with our web developer Zac as he covers a few useful tips on how to make your site mobile friendly!

• Make sure you site is mobile responsive, meaning all images and text are adjusting with the screen size as it shrinks. An easy to test this out is going to your website on a desktop and shrink the screen to see how it adjusts.

• Menu- keep it simple and check that it actually works! Sometimes, giving too many choices can be overwhelming to the user on your site. Make sure menu is easy to read, and the right size text.

• Keep form fills short. Shoot for 4-5 fields such as: name, email, number, and a question such as, how can we help you? It can overwhelm the user if you are asking for too much information and decrease the likelihood someone will actually fill it out.

• Clearly display CTA’s- or Call To Action buttons. Make sure it’s easy for users to contact you and see where they can on your mobile site. You can use a button that says, “Call Now!”

• Avoid large blocks of text. Sometimes giving too much information can be overwhelming to a user. Instead, try out the accordion menu style where you can keep your text short and simple.

Remember! A way to build trust with potential customers is that you as the business owner pay attention to your website being responsive on mobile.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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