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Common Website Pitfalls!

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This Wit Wednesday, our lead software engineer, Ryan, goes over a few important points to keep your site performing at its optimal level.

• Letting your site become stagnant
Keep your content updated and fresh! No one wants to read a blog post from over ten years ago or see outdated photos of your team. People want to read recent, content and see relevant images of your business. Keep it updated!

• Using your live site as a playground
Sure, it’s fun to add a shiny new update or plug-ins on your site, but this can actually slow your website down big time! You might break your site and need to call a professional to fix it, and that’s the last thing you need to deal with!

• Not reviewing the basics
Here at Wit, we run through EVERY aspect of EVERY site we build to ensure it’s running at its optimal level. From the home page to a “Contact Us Now!” button, it all has to work. Spend some time running through the basics of your site to make sure everything is working. Who hasn’t clicked on a site to find a page or tab that doesn’t work? Don’t let that be your site!

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