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Keeping Your Processes Flexible and Why it Matters

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This Wit Wednesday, Kelsey discussed the importance of keeping processes in your business flexible and three tips on how you can apply this approach in your company. Click here to watch full video! Here at Wit, we implement these tips ourselves and have seen incredible improvement in various parts of our agency. Being adaptable, or flexible to change has been a key element for our success, and we believe you should be always willing to grow as a business. Try any of these three tips below and let us know your thoughts!

3 way to being more flexible in your business:

  • Keep an open mind and watch your competitors. There is value to be gained if you’re paying attention to other businesses in your industry and watching what they are doing, from marketing strategies to events they are attending. There is always room for improvement and learning, so why not see what your competitor is implementing or trying out and see if it’s working? Ask yourself: How can I tweak my process and get my momentum there?


  • Ask your team for feedback. When you invite your employees for feedback, you are allowing them to voice concerns or issues that might not be as prominent in your company. For example, you are using a new project management platform and need to know if it is overall helping or hurting your team’s ability to be more efficient. By asking for their input, you are better able to understand the problems with this platform, what your team needs more support on and how to implement things differently to yield a higher efficiency level.


  • Collaborate. It has been a critical element at Wit Digital to consistently discuss cross-departmentally better ways to deliver epic results for our clients. You can do the same in your company by setting aside time to discuss new ideas, goals or brainstorm different projects. You would be amazed at what your employees will come up with!

We hope you find these tips as useful as we do at Wit Digital. We are always striving to be the best in the digital marketing space at delivering epic results for the home service industry. If you are ready to work with a dynamic, innovative and relentless-about-results team, feel free to give us a call (800) 444-8957!

Kelsey discussing Wit Wednesday topic. Click here to watch full video!





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