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Keywords versus Conversion

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Google has 3.5 billion searches per day!  And, 15% of those searches are unique.  This means that 525 million searches per day have never been searched before. Aligning your keywords with those searches in order to get conversions requires some planning.

First, Google looks not only at the search words and your website’s keywords but your entire website’s content.  So strong content throughout your entire website is very important.

Second, one or two word searches are most common.  However, those searches are generally by people who are just doing ‘research’; they are trying to get educated on a topic or understand what is available.  They are not usually ready to make a purchase or hire someone.  Ranking high in these types of searches may not produce qualified leads to your website.

Third, the longer the keyword search is (five, six or more words) the more likely it is that the searcher will convert and click through to a website — ready to make a purchase.

So, this means that it is better to rank higher in longer keyword searches because there is a higher conversion rate.  For example, if you rank high for “plumber” that doesn’t really serve your company as well as ranking high for ‘plumber in Seattle that can fix my toilet.”  

If you need help determining what your keywords should be or how to improve your conversion rates check our our free website evaluation tool at  You can also watch the full Flip Chart Friday episode on this topic below.


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