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The Results

In the last year alone, Larry & Sons’ organic calls have risen 40% and their mobile traffic is up 71%.

Since first beginning our partnership with Larry & Sons in 2015, we have consistently increased their number of organic phone calls each year with custom search engine optimization (SEO) tactics specific to their business goals:

  • 2015

    586 organic phone calls

  • 2016

    1,786 organic phone calls

  • 2017

    2,566 organic phone calls

  • 2018

    4,168 organic phone calls

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Identifying Needs

Larry & Sons is a family-owned plumbing, air, and heating company – proudly serving its Maryland community for more than five decades.

In 2015, the Larry & Sons team came to us with two primary goals:

  • Expanding their service lines
  • Widening their service areas

By first evaluating their existing analytics, we sought out opportunities to optimize their current website. This included:

  • Better promoting their existing content
  • Creating fresh and custom material
  • Increasing their overall authority and visibility on search engines

Our Solution

Our digital marketing experts jumped at the chance to help Larry & Sons achieve their goals of serving more local families.

We wanted Larry & Sons’ small-town feel and diverse services to stand out; therefore, we ensured key content and webpages stood at the forefront. Our solutions included:

  • Increasing the power of service area content by creating backlinks
  • Generating relevant and timely blog posts
  • Strengthening their service area pages to demonstrate their expertise

We also focused on their current website’s user experience by organizing navigation and creating custom design and conversion elements. 

Our ongoing partnership and collaboration with the Larry & Sons team is centered on their business’ growth. We know where they want to be in a few years and are already crafting a strong web presence that will empower them and help them achieve results they never thought possible.

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Organic Calls Increased 40%

The Wit Digital team totally revamped our website with 70-80% traffic increase

-Eric Corbett, Owner of Larry & Sons Inc.

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