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Why Content Matters for your Website!

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What is content? This week, published author and Wit’s Digital Services Manager, Nicole talks about the importance of content on your website. Click HERE to watch her full explanation!
This is referring to anything written or visual on your site such as: the logo, page headers, blogs, paragraphs, videos, your call to actions buttons (these are VERY important!).

Why does it matter on a website?
Google’s main goal is to show the searcher the most accurate and helpful information they are looking for.
At Wit Digital, when we create content for your website, we think about questions people are asking on Google and how to tie those keywords into your site’s content. Combine effective keywords with consistent, new content, and you have a recipe for a website Google is constantly noticing!

This is also thanks to the sitemap, which is an internal map for your website and is notifying Google to re-index or re-evaluate it when new content is added. Constant updates to your sitemap by adding new content that can answer questions from potential customers is a sure way to get found on Google often!

If your digital marketing agency isn’t talking content, then you should re-consider why they are running your site. Seriously, give us a call and let’s talk content. (800) 444-8957.

Still have questions? No worries, feel free to add yours in the comments and we will answer!



Posted by Wit Digital on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

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