by Andrea Beacham

Social Media Marketing: The Bridge Between You and Your Consumer

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At first thought, you might not think much about social media marketing. It isn’t a phone book, paper advertisement, or billboard in the sky. Facebook and Twitter might not seem like the age old marketing techniques, but most of the public looks at social media every day.

Social Media Marketing If you’re not already, you should be taking advantage of it.

Social media marketing can be as simple as just existing on those insanely popular sites. Even a poorly built social media marketing plan can be the bridge between you and your consumer. Initially we started using social media to connect with friends or catch up with old classmates. Today, in the middle of creeping on your neighbor you might see a post from your favorite restaurant running or a special, or you’ll see your close friend is tagged in a picture at the gym down the street. There might be the occasional advertisement, but what ordinary individuals post on a regular basis is where it gets interesting

Many people put all the details of their whereabouts on social media without being asked. Because of this the marketing is not only seen by their consumers, it is done by them. Without even realizing it, people are giving referrals with every check in and tweet. When they click that “share” button it now has the possibility of being seen by two, three, maybe five hundred plus of their friends and family. If someone finds that innocent post interesting and shares it, the view count grows exponentially!

But Facebook is for Kids

It may not seem all that businesslike to have a Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube profiles for your business, but in today’s world, it’s vital. With consistent information spread all over social media sites you are easily shared and easily seen. Make it easy for your current customers to find you, maybe write a helpful review, and the new business will find you.

If you think it sounds crazy being friends with the dentist on the corner…. Try it, and take a moment to realize the impact it will have on their visibility. If you have questions regarding social media marketing, or just want to tell me how ridiculous it sounds, send me an email and I’ll gladly give you a few tips on how to be more social!

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