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Do You Know Local SEO?

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How Strong is Your Local SEO Knowledge?

Local Listings 3 Pack
Are You in The Local Listings?

Do you know what the local listings 3-pack means?  How about how to view and respond to your Google Business reviews? If you don’t, does your SEO company?  If you’re a service area business like a plumber or contractor, a brick and mortar store, or office like a chiropractor or rafting company, having a local SEO or search engine optimization strategy is essential. With Google changing their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) layout, giving more real estate to paid ads and pushing organic results below the fold, being shown in the local listings of Google is critical to a local business. The world of local SEO is constantly changing, which is why if you don’t want to stay on top of it, you need a local SEO company that does!

Local Customers Are Searching Online (And On Mobile!)

Be honest, when was the last time you used your local phone book?  No, I’m not just talking about as a door stop or a stepping stool. When was the last time you opened your phone book and looked up a local business that you needed something from? Before your first smartphone probably… maybe way before that. Let’s face it, when a customer needs services or goods in their local area, they’re going to pull up Google on their computer and search for what they need. Or even more likely, they’re pulling out their phone or tablet. Google announced May 5, 2015 that mobile searches have now over taken desktop searches in 10 countries.  Why does this matter? When you search on Google from your smartphone or tablet for a local store or business, the local listings with the map and the “3-pack” of top results is first thing you see below the sponsored paid ads, and so is likely to be the first thing a customer is gong to click on before scrolling down to see more results. The local listings shows your address, and a button to call you directly, so why would anyone scroll further if their question has already been answered? If someone is searching for your services on a phone, and isn’t searching for you directly, they are most likely going to click on one of the local listings results. If you’re not showing up, you won’t get the call.

Use a Local SEO Company That Stays Up To Date

Recently, Moz, an SEO software and knowledge company, released their Local SEO Quiz (you can take the quiz below) to test your local SEO knowledge. If you or your SEO company doesn’t score a pro or above, do you really know what you need to get your business listed in Google’s local listings to get your phone ringing with customers?  By the way, no one at Wit Digital has scored less than an 80%, even our newest team members in training!  Take the test below and see where your knowledge ranks, and if you need a local SEO company that knows their stuff and stays up to date, give us a call at 720-408-0080!


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