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2 Keys to Better Online Content

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2 Keys to Better Online Content

We’ve all heard the saying that “Content is King.”  Today’s version would be “Good Content is King.”  And, not all content is good content.  Buzzsumo recently analyzed over 1 million online articles to look at the correlation of shares and links and to identify the formats that get relatively more shares or links.  Of the 100,000 randomly pulled articles, over 50% had 2 or fewer FB interactions (shares, likes, and comments) and more than 75% had no external links!

No one wants to spend time writing content if it doesn’t engage your targeted market. Below are 2 takeaways from the Buzzsumo research that can turn your content to “Good Content” and produce higher shares, likes, comments and links:

  1.  Know What Your Audience Wants – Just because you think a topic is interesting or that your writing style is engaging does not make it so.  One key to good content is having content that your target market needs and wants.  This means you need to know the hot topics in the area you are writing about.  You need to know what your ideal client is searching for online and you need to understand your service or produce from their perspective, not yours.
  2. Present Your Content In The Best Format – The way you present your content also affects the interactions you’ll have.  First, the format should be easily digestible by your ideal clients. For example, should the information be presented in a checklist format? Q&A style? Or a white paper version?  From the research, videos and quizzes are shared more frequently than other formats and List posts and videos have higher share rates.  But if you are want to increase your external links consider why posts and articles of more than 1000 words.

Online content facilitates many things such as brand development, reputation development, Google rankings but it can also improve your SEO. For more information on SEO techniques check out one of our videos on our YouTube channel.

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